Water Testing

After testing all essential levels, our chemical experts will provide printed instructions on how to get your pool or spa water both crystal clear and safe for your family and friends in the cheapest, quickest way possible. They will also suggest the appropiate weekly maintenance in order to keep your pool clean and safe.

Pool Place technicians can test:

Above ground pools (permanent metal walled and “easy set” temporary pools)
•Inground pools with any finish (vinyl liners, fiberglass shells, concrete, gunite, painted plaster, etc.)
•Chlorine sanitation (tabs, granular, automatic systems, etc.)
•Bromine sanitation (tabs, granular, automatic systems, etc.)
•Salt water systems
•Baquacil sanitation
•Pools with Nature2 or similar mineral cartridges
•Various other alternative sanitation methods

 Let our team do Water Testing for you:

Pool Water Testing Professional & Trusted Staff

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