Polaris Alpha IQ

Polaris Alpha IQ

Polaris ALPHA™ iQ Features

Polaris ALPHA™ iQ Easy to Clean Filter Canisters


Easy to Clean

You’ll never have to touch debris again with our easy-clean filter canisters. As your robotic pool cleaner traverses back and forth across your pool collecting dirt and debris, it’s conveniently stored in the filter canister where it can be readily removed. From there, it’s just a few shakes and a spray away from clean.

Polaris ALPHA™ iQ On the Easy to Store Premium Caddy


Easy to Store

Consider it a chauffeur for your cleaner… Our premium caddy carries your cleaner as you roll it to and from the pool, and conveniently keeps it stored away and out of sight where it will be ready for use when you need it.

Tangle-Free Swivel Chord


Tangle-Reducing Swivel

Keep the kinks out of your cord so your cleaner keeps on cleaning. The Tangle-Reducing Swivel helps prevent the cable from tangling so you can rest assured it can reach every corner of your pool.

Even More Control Anytime, Anywhere

with the iAquaLink app for your smart swimming pool robot

iAquaLink App Connecting to WiFi
iAquaLink App Recieving Automatic Performance Updates
Polaris ALPHA iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner Smart Cycle

Convenience at your fingertips

Connects to home WiFi for remote access

Receives over-the-air performance updates

Polaris ALPHA™ iQ Optimized Intellegent Cleaning Diagram
Sensor Nav System Diagram
SMART Cycle Cleaning Modes

Intelligent Cleaning Optimized for Your Pool

The Polaris ALPHA iQ™ delivers an enhanced pool cleaning experience with new modes, additional sensors and more efficient patterning for a smarter way to clean.

Deliberate Navigation

Sensor Nav System™


Polaris ALPHA™ iQ Specifications

Pool TypeIn-Ground
Cleaning Modes2 Modes: SMART or Floor
Canister Size5L
Cable Length60′
Tangle-Reducing SwivelYes
Brushesfront with 4WD
Easy Lift RemovalYes
Dirty Canister IndicatorYes
Transparent LidYes
Schedulingrepeat every day, 2 day, 3 day
Transport Caddyincluded