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Pool Winter Care

At The Pool Place we carry everything required to properly shut down your pool and protect it from the winter, Pool Winter Care

We carry many size covers for aboveground and inground pools! Call or stop by to pick up the one that is right for you.

Proper Pool Winter Care Instructions

The following instructions are for a Pool Place Sharkline above ground pool with a Hayward EC50 diatomaceous earth filter and Prevail chlorinator system. For instructions tailored to your specific pool, stop by one of our locations and speak with a pool specialist.

Step 1: Vacuum pool completely of all dirt and debris.
Step 2: Follow the directions in your Pool Place winterizing chemical kit. If you are unsure of which kit to use just let one of our specialists know what size pool you have and they will provide the appropriate kit. It is very important to use the correct winterizing chemicals if you want to have an easy opening. It is much cheaper/easier to winterize your water properly than to rebalance unwinterized water in the spring.
Step 3: Shut off your filter.
Step 4: Drain the water down to the return line.
Step 5: Remove filter, sanitizer, hoses, in-wall skimmer basket, and any ladders or stairs from the pool.
Step 6: Open the Prevail unit and remove the cartridge. If there is any chlorine left, the cartridge can be sealed in a plastic bag for next season. Rinse the Prevail unit out thoroughly.
Step 7: Drain filter and take apart by removing the bolt from the band clamp. Be sure to mark top and bottom of filter for ease of reassembly. Lay filter with fingers on its side and wash with a strong stream of water from a garden hose. Wash until each finger is white again. Then wash out the inside of the tank. Put the filter back together and tighten the bolt in the band clamp until it is snug, it does not need to be very tight. Store the filter and pump somewhere that does not drop below freezing.
Step 8: Install skimmer plate over skimmer opening in pool. This will stop ice from entering the skimmer which can destroy both the skimmer and the wall.
Step 9: Remove the eyeball fitting from the return and install a plug. This also helps in protecting the wall.
Step 10: Install your air pillows (ice equalizers). Air pillows are NOT used just to hold up the cover. When the pool water freezes, the ice expands quite a bit. With an air pillow, the ice will expand and push in harmlessly on the pillow. Without a pillow, the ice will push out on your pool, potentially splitting the wall and destroying your pool.
Step 11: Fastening cover to pool:
A- Pull the cover across the pool.
B- Weave a cable through grommets.
C- Using a cable winch, pull the cable tight under the top rails.
D- (Optional) Use 1-2 cover clips between each upright to prevent the cover from lifting.
E- (Optional) wrap the edges with Winter Cover Seal, to further prevent the cover from lifting.
The majority of rain water must be pumped off the cover in the fall and spring, leaving about 1 inch of water on the cover is ideal. 1 inch of water will keep the cover from blowing around, and is not enough weight to cause any damage. Once the water starts to freeze, do not touch the pool until it completely thaws. The edges of the ice are actually quite sharp and can slice your liner very easily if disturbed. Do not worry about ice and snow building up on top of the pool, the water directly below the cover is also frozen and will support the weight.