Spas care system near me | THE BRILLIANCE® Product


With the Brilliance® for spas care system, you can take care of your hot tub in three easy steps.


Now the benefits of Brilliance® for spas are even more appealing with the addition of AquaEnhancers® – unique additives that enhance several products by conditioning spa water to promote a truly skin-soothing spa experience.


Step 1 – Brilliance® for spas Metal & Scale Control with Soy Protein

A metal control agent used to deactivate metals and control scale, which can cause staining and affect water clarity and filtration. Contains soy protein to moisturize spa water for a luxurious spa experience.

Step 2 – Brilliance® for spas Oxidizer with Mineral Salts

Non-chlorine oxidizer treatment that eliminates odors and reduces irritating contaminants, to leave water sparkling clear. Also contains mineral salts, which disperse in the spa water to promote relaxation and soothe skin.

Step 3 – Brilliance® for spas Sanitizer

The principal chemical in the Brilliance® for spas product line, the Sanitizer, is a concentrated source of active bromine. This 100% chlorine-free product dissolves slowly and evenly in spa floaters to provide continuous sanitization of your spa.

Spas care system near me | THE BRILLIANCE® Product


For perfect water balance Brilliance® for spas provides everything you need to help you keep pH, total alkalinity and hardness all within the proper range. Test your spa water weekly as part of your routine spa care program and add water balance products as needed.



Brilliance® for spas Calcium Hardness Increaser

Raises spa water calcium hardness levels. High purity and low dusting.

Brilliance® for spas pH Increaser with Mineral Salts

Raises spa water pH levels. Contains mineral salts for a fresh scent.

Brilliance® for spas pH Decreaser with Mineral Salts

Lowers spa water pH levels. Contains mineral salts for a fresh scent.

Brilliance® for spas Total Alkalinity Increaser

Raises spa water total alkalinity levels. High purity.

Brilliance® for spas 5-way Test Strips

Five-way water test strips for testing the level of calcium hardness, Brilliance® for spas Sanitizer, pH, total alkalinity and free available chlorine.


Brilliance® for spas general spa care products are used for spa start-up, reducing foam, cleaning spa filters and covers, and restoring spa water clarity.


Brilliance® for spas Foam Dispenser with Vitamin E

A highly concentrated liquid, specially formulated to reduce foam in spas. Reduces foam immediately and conditions spa water to promote a skin soothing spa experience.

Brilliance® for spas Filter Cleaner with Fresh Lemon Scent

A concentrated liquid cleaner that removes deposits from filtercartridges. Provides powerful citrus cleaning action and a pleasant lemon scent.

Brilliance® for spas Cover Cleaner

A citrus-scented liquid cover cleaner that effectively removes dirt, dust and debris from both sides of the spa cover.

Brilliance® for spas Water Clarifier with Bioplex NMF

A liquid that restores water clarity by assisting the filter in removing tiny particles that can cause clouding. Also contains Bioplex NMF with moisturizers to condition and soften spa water for a relaxing spa experience.

Brilliance® for spas Surface Cleaner

A highly concentrated gel which removes dirt, oils, stains, etc. at the waterline. Effectively removes “bathtub ring” from spa shells. Safely cleans all types of spa shells.